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TextUnbox: a windows desktop application that helps you extract printed or handwritten text from any unreadable source (for example: image, video, pdf) in an easy and intuitive way.

❓ Do you hate it when you just have a picture of the command you need to perform?

❓ Do you hate it when you only have photos of these book pages from the library but need the contents?

❓ You hate it even more when you just have a photo of the sticky note from the last meeting, don't you?

💡 TextUnbox is here to help you!

✅ One drag with the mouse over the image puts the text in your clipboard.

✅ That's it. Don't waste your energy on negativity!

🌞 Stay calm and positive with TextUnbox! 

🌍 Recognizes automatically more than 20 languages! 

🔄 Recognizes automatically text from rotated or skewed images!

📚 You want more details - have a look at the product documentation page https://textunbox.app/docs
💬 Support is always ready. Just open the chat window on the homepage - https://textunbox.app

  • What to expect from this software?
    Extract printed or handwritten text from a selected area of the screen

  • What not to expect from this software?
    It doesn't learn over time; has no AI capabilities

  • Who is this software for?
    Microsoft Windows users

  • Who is this software not for?
    Apple computer users

  • Are there any prerequisites?
    The software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 or higher, which is usually already installed on Windows. Otherwise it can be downloaded from here - https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

If you're not completely satisfied, I have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

All memberships include a 1 month free trial

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  • You will get
  • License Key1
  • Windows Desktop Application (Installer)1
  • Successful extractions per month (unsuccessful do not count)500
  • Automatic UpdatesUnlimited future updates
  • Documentation
  • Support



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