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Video recording and streaming with 0 investments e-book

📘What is this e-book about and how will it help you?

Ever wanted to record your desktop or create a video tutorial or stream content on YouTube or upload a video to Twitch or share your screen on Discord?

  1. This book will help you get started with minimal effort.

    • It is designed to help you learn the basics of video recording with the OBS software.

    • After reading it, you will be able to record your desktop and yourself, for example if you want to create a course or demonstrate something.

    • You will also learn how to stream on 3 major platforms - YouTube, Twitch and Discord.

  2. There are tons of visual explanations and step-by-step instructions on how to get started and what to do.

  3. And the best part is - everything is free! Even this e-book! 🤩

📖What does the e-book contain?

There are four main chapters:

  1. Desktop recording

  2. Show yourself with the camera

  3. Streaming

  4. OBS features

🚀Are there any prerequisites?

No. All you have to do is invest a little time and nothing else!

👉Get your copy today and start recording and streaming!

📣Feedback and suggestions

Any feedback on this e-book is more than welcome. If you ever get stuck with a topic, need help, found an error, or have a suggestion or idea about a topic, feel free to contact me on Twitter or write me an email (you can find the email on the contact page).

I'll be happy to answer.

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  • Learn how to record videos and stream with OBS on YouTube, Twitch and Discord. Everything for free and with 0 investments!
  • Pages80+
  • Visual explanationsYes
  • Step-by-step instructionsYes
  • Future updatesYes
  • Available as ePubYes
  • Available as MOBIYes
  • Available as PDFYes


Video recording and streaming with 0 investments e-book

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